Suing Telemarketers Chat Group

Suing Telemarketers Chat Group
If you are serious about suing telemarketers, you should check out this chat group and their guidelines at This chat group shares info about telemarketers that are common to people nationally. Whether your solicitor telemarketer is east coast, west coast, and in-state or out-of-state, the sharing on info how to sue telemarketers can make one’s life so much easier. These guys (and gals) do their due diligence, and stay on top of the tricks and manipulations by telemarketers.
We know there are companies that prefer to incorporate periodic judgment payouts in their business plans if it is still profitable. Telemarketers calculate whether it is cheaper or profitable to follow the laws. Let’s not be naive. With profit at it’s epicenter, it happens all the time. By sharing information on polluting companies, the wheel does not have to be re-invented over and over when you sue a telemarkter. Since illegal telemarketing is usually done in clumps and high volume, the workload is distributed in the chat group based upon desire and workloads. Your time can be freed up to collection of judgments instead of chasing serving of process.
Entry into the club is not automatic. Some info is required, and your application is screened. Once admitted, you receive group chats with info about everything from court opinions, attorney general actions, defendant whereabouts, defendant violations, and so forth. Some members are attorneys, most are not. But the common denominator is the forming of a national brain to counter the illegal practices of telemarketing and basically to help you sue telemarketers successfully.
My gift to you; enjoy your summer. And to any telemarketer reading this blog, get another job.


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