recent success story. I love these emails

Just got back from small claims court.

$900 settlement, cash in hand.

I had sued for $2000, he offered $500. I said I’ll accept half of what I want if you’ll pay twice what you are comfortable with. After two hours of histrionics in mediation (I know the drill by now — they rant, they tell the life story, I stay fairly quiet), I finally went out of the room and let him rant to the mediator. Who came out and asked if I would take $900 cash. Sure I would. It was counted out right in front of the judge, the second time I’ve had that done in front of that particular judge. They know me by now.

Also I showed your book to anybody who would listen, except defendant of course. (Pardon me, but I’m just enthusiastic about this sport of telemarketer varmint hunting).

I am awaiting papers from another telemarketer who yesterday called to settle for $1000 ($500 + $250 + $250, over three months) without needing to be sued. Those are the best. They know they’re on shaky ground.

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